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The Artist

My first camera was put into my hands at the age of three and one of my first words was chien, which is French for dog.

I also met my husband because of my yellow Labrador and his shepherd husky. A dog can really change your life for the better and turned me into a married
professional dog photographer and dog art creator.

I have been doing photography in a serious way for the last 20 years, after receiving professional training at the Marsan Photo College in Montreal, in 1986.

It seems only natural that I would join two of my favorite subjects: dogs and

Portraits have been my favorite format for a long time. Black and white photography is another favorite; it is classic, artistic and you can feel the subject's true personality and emotion without any distractions.

I love to convey in my pictures the emotions of my dog subject so you can have a feel for their souls.

With the arrival of the digital camera, I did adjust to the change. In the process it
allowed me to discover a new way to express my creativity and love of dogs,
by creating digital dog art.

I use my original dog pictures and spend time reworking them by adding color and effects to enhance them and bring them to an artistic level.

I am always excited by the idea that I will be able to create a lasting memory of a cherished furry family member with my personalized photos or dog art.

Contact info

Brigitte Nadeau
Professional Dog Photographer and Dog Art Creator