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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs…

I love dogs and I met my husband because of our dogs. He was single, I was single, and we both had dogs…. The perfect match.

I enjoy working with dogs so much that I am a dog photographer
and a Modern Dog Art Creator.

Like many of you my dogs are my kids and are an
important part of my family.

"I LOVE!! the pictures. Thanks so much! I will definitely have you do some more and pass your name along."   
Deborah Kuklis

I know the importance and value of owning a great portrait of your dog. Especially if you have a senior dog, the memory is priceless.

As a dog photographer, I like creating portraits that capture
a dog's beauty, personality, emotion, uniqueness and the "extraordinary" in each one of them.

I have added another twist to my work with dogs by creating modern
Dog Art Portrait. As a professional dog photographer, I use my original dog pictures, and rework them into a dog art piece.

The dog art has been appreciated by dog lovers and dog owners of many breeds. They love the colorful and unique expression that is
manifested in each piece.

Every month I donate my time to Frontier Animal Society, a local shelter, and spend a few hours taking pictures of their new residents for the adoption website and newspaper, and I have to admit that I am also spoiling them with treats.   

"A great photo is key to helping shelter animals find homes.
Brigitte's photos of our animals have brought us a lot of adopters
who told us that they just fell in love
with the pet's face in the paper or online,"
Brianne Nichols, a Frontier Animal Society volunteer.

My goal is to bring joy to dog lovers and dog owners via my photos and dog art.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs…We love them.